Hey friends! I love this outfit so much! I basically love everything gingerbread so I knew I had to steal this skirt from Elana. I wasn't super happy with how the beret turned out because you can't see the ric-rac too well but it happens. I hope you guys enjoy!

Outfit Details:

Beret // Amazon
Collar // Magnus Collar Co.
Sweater // Ye Mak Cardigan
Skirt // Hell Bunny (out of stock)

Christmas Menswear

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a good and stress-free December. I'm almost done Christmas shopping and I'm finally done with school so I'll have more time to do other stuff. I really love this outfit and I've been wanting to wear these pants since I wore them to Dapper Day.  I love pants like these but they're always so long and I get so lazy about hemming them but I'm trying to be better about that kind of stuff.

I hope you enjoy!

Outfit Details

Shirt // Borrowed from Elana
Cardigan // MAK Cardigan
Trousers // Unique Vintage
Hair Clips // DIY
Brooch // Vintage
Earrings // Luxulite

Lindy Bop

Hey everyone! I'm super excited about this post because it features my new favorite dress from Lindy Bop and I've featured them on the blog before because I love them so much. Not only are is all their clothing is affordable, but they also have a range of sizes. I love this dress because it works for the holidays but I can't wait to wear it for Valentine's Day. I am wearing my usual size extra large and it fits great and even has a bit of stretch to it. Their clothing is pretty true to size and you should check them out!

Outfit Details

Dress // C/o Lindy Bop (this is the skirt version)
Cardigan // Mak Cardigan
Shoes // Modcloth (no longer sold)
Beret // Valfre (no longer sold)
Earrings // C/o Rather Keen

Pink Is A Christmas Color

Hey, y'all!! This is my last real week of school before finals and I'm glad for this semester to be over and have a nice little break before I have to go back to school in January (it never ends haha). I have a lot of holiday outfits to show you guys so I'm excited when I will finally get a chance to take outfit photos and blog posts. I think this is one of my favorite holiday outfits because it has pink and I firmly believe pink is definitely a Christmas color. I hope you guys enjoy it!!

Outfit Details

Earrings / Walmart 
Glasses / Zenni
Sweater / Banned Apparel from Unique Vintage (no longer sold)
Skirt / Unique Vintage (no longer sold)
Shoes / Modcloth (no longer sold BUT these shoes are just as cute!)
Pin / C/o Rather Keen

Reindeer Games

Hey friends! I'm back! I've been so busy with school that I haven't really gotten a chance to post but the holidays are here and I'm inspired by Elana to do 30 days of December so we will see if I actually feel motivated to do all that. As you know, I'm definitely a Halloween person and I do love Christmas things like lights and cookies, I find the holiday as a whole very stressful. I'm trying not to stress out too much about it and just enjoy the holidays with Daniel and my friends and family. I even put my little pink Christmas tree up so  I must be feeling a little more excited then past years. This is my first holiday outfit and I hope you enjoy! 

Holly hair clips - DIY
Top - c/o Wax Poetic Clothing (not available on site)
Pants - Hell Bunny overalls from Amazon
Glasses - Zenni
Earrings - c/o Pretty Candy Pin Company