Gingham in Seattle

Hey friends!! I'm super excited cause I'm currently in Seattle! Today was me and Daniel's first full day here and we did a ton! He is currently napping because we've been on our feet since 9:00 am! If you aren't following me on Instagram (littlefantasmic), you should because that's where I will be posting a lot of my travel photos. 

These photos are from my Instagram and I used an app called Storyluxe to edit my photos! The first one was taken at the Gum Wall which is located in Post Alley. I think it's pretty gross but also really impressive, the lighting was so bad when I went so I edit them a ton to get them the way I wanted. The second photo is taken at Post Alley and the Public Market which are super close to each other, they have tons of food and shops. I basically wanted to eat everything. The third one was taken at the Seattle Aquariam outside and it such an amazing view of the skyline! The last photo and probably my favorite, was taken at Biscuit Bitch and it's this amazing southern bisuit place and of course I love the name.

Okay on to my outfit for the day!

Skirt - Vixen Swing Skirt (she's currently doing an end of summer sale! use code ENDOFSUM
Top - Sheinside
Earrings - Vintage

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