Cherry Bomb

Sunday, July 14, 2019 No comments
Hey friends!! I wanted to do a quick and casual outfit post! Daniel and were headed for a barbeque and a game night with some friends, so this is my version of a casual outfit. I think I've mentioned this earlier, but I'm obsessed with tees this summer and pairing them with my favorite capri pants from Micheline Pitt. They're so comfy and they're not really capri pants on me but I love them just the same.

Glasses - Eye Buy Direct
Tee - Kaeraz (use FANTASMIC for $$ off!)
Earrings - Vinca Jewelry
Pants - Micheline Pitt
Shoes - Modcloth

Fiercely Female

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 No comments
Hey y'all!! I've been trying to add more tees to my wardrobe because Summer is here and I just need more casual outfits I can throw on and not worry about. Moxie & Row sent me the cutest and comfiest tee and I feel like it goes really well with one of my favorite holy grail skirts from Micheline Pitt.

Tee - C/o Moxie & Row
Earrings - Vintage
Bangles - Pink ones are vintage. Mint is from Ali Express
Glasses - Wherelight
Shoes - BAIT Footwear

Karina Dresses

Monday, July 8, 2019 No comments
Hey everyone!! So I've been dressing vintage for a couple years now and when I first started I would always choose style over comfort. Including uncomfortable shoes, itchy petticoats, and cheap shapewear. Now as I'm getting older and my style is more relaxed,  the most important thing to me is that I'm comfortable because if I'm not, my anxiety is out of control. Karina Dresses sent me this adorable and super comfortable dress that I want to share with you guys! I've known about them for a while because Elana always talks about them and swears by them and I'm so glad I got to work with them for a blog post!

I got the size M/L and it fits me so well! They're super stretchy and so comfortable!

Dress - c/o Karina Dresses
Hat - Vintage
Earrings - Vintage
Bangles - Ali Express + Ali Express
Shoes - Vintage 

Mellow Yellow

Sunday, July 7, 2019 No comments
Hey everyone!! I am wearing the comfiest dress from Joanie Clothing today, it literally feels like legging material. I normally stay away from pencil dresses because they are usually unflattering on me but I decided to take a chance on this one because wrap dresses are so easy to dress up or down. This dress has definitely changed my mind and I feel very comfortable in it.

Dress - c/o Joanie Clothing
Shoes - BAIT Footwear
Flowers - Made by me 
Earrings - Sidecca
Bangles - Ali Express + Ali Express

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Monday, July 1, 2019 No comments
Hey y'all!! I've actually had this skirt for a while and I've been wanting it forever but I have the hardest time pairing tops with it. I went to Unique Vintage and was finally able to get something from their Care Bear collection that I've been wanting.

I don't really like how these photos came out because the location was kinda too dark and I had to edit them more than I usually do but I really like the outfit so I wanted to share!

Skirt - Collectif
Earrings - Amazon
Bangle - Ali Express

Magic of Mary Blair

My skirt is based on this print!!

Hey friends!! I recently wore the same outfit for two events because I loved it so much. The skirt has some really cool Disney/art history behind it so I thought I would share a bit about the magic that is Mary Blair!

Mary Blair was an animator, artist, and designer.  She did a lot of art and animaton for The Walt Disney Company including concept art for Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Cinderella. She also did all the concept art for Disneyland's It's A Small World. 

These are some of my favorite art pieces she's done!

I went to Universal Studios for the first time and I've been wanting to go for years and I even had a Hufflepuff outfit planned that hasn't been purchased yet but this trip was so last minute, I needed to come up with a cute Harry Potter themed outfit FAST. I bought this skirt for me and Daniel's anniversary because we were planning to go to a Mary Blair exhibit (which ended up being closed) so I decided to wear it! I had such an amazing time and I can't wait to go back. 

Top - Buffalo Exchange
Skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing (no longer sold but I always see some on eBay!)
Shoes - BAIT Footwear
Earrings - Insomniac Creations
Bangles - Ali Express + Ali Express

It was me and Daniel's two year anniversary so we got fancy tea, since we did that on our very first date, and walked around Downtown Orange. We were planning to go to the Mary Blair exhibit but of course, it was closed. 

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post! I'm trying to re-wear outfits instead of buying new ones all the time but it's so hard.