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Sunday, May 5, 2019
It's my last week of school and I'm gonna try to be adding more outfit posts to here along with some other posts. I went to Knott's today with Daniel and my roommates. We have season passes and the meal plan so we'll usually go to eat and go on one or two rides. I'm not a big fan of coasters so I usually just go to eat, shop, and take photos. I got this tee from Kaeraz, and it's literally so comfy and soft. I love that it has California's state flower on it too! They have so many cute tees so I'm definitely going to get some more.

As you know, I just dyed my hair and I was really excited to set it in my usual vintage curls but I helped Daniel with his school prom (he's a teacher) so we got home late and it was either eat In N Out at midnight or curl my hair, I chose the animal fries haha.

Outfit Details

Tee - Kaeraz
Scarf - Sidecca (purchased from Dapper Day expo, they might have some in the actual store)

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  1. I am absolutely in love with this shirt!!! And you look super cute!