I need a vacation!

Monday, May 27, 2019 1 comment
Hey everyone!! I come to you with this amazing dress from Daisy Jones' Locker! It's tropical, comfy, and has pockets. It's everything I need for this coming Summer.  I love the details on this dress too, it has the super cute red folds on the top and also the cutest ricrac on the bottom. I am wearing my usual size Large and it fits so well. It also has stretch so I feel very comfortable.

Hat - Savers Thrift 
Glasses - Eye Buy Direct
Lipstick - Colourpop
Earrings - Lovisa
Bracelet - Lovisa
Shoes - Bait Footwear

My Everyday Makeup

Friday, May 24, 2019 No comments
Hey everyone!! So I've been wearing makeup for YEARS and I think I finally have a routine that works for me. I also will be doing a skincare one as well since I've learned what products work for me. Most of my makeup is very affordable because as you probably know, I do spend a lot of money on my clothes and I prefer to keep costs low in other parts of my life. Some products are on the pricey side but not most of them.

Rainbow Bright

Saturday, May 18, 2019 No comments
Hey everyone!! I spent the day with Elana and we went to the Retrolicious warehouse sale and then we spent the day in Burbank going to all the vintage stores. I got some super cute things that I'll be doing some outfit posts on very soon!

I got to wear this super cute rainbow vintage dress that I got a couple weeks ago and it's definitely one of my favorite vintage finds so far. My hair sets haven't been coming out the way I've been liking lately so poodle it is! Vintage hair is one of those things that still even now, takes practice and I'm always learning new techniques to make it better.

Hair flowers - made by me
Glasses - Glasses USA (couldn't find the exact pair)
Earrings - Insomniac Creations
Dress - Vintage
Shoes - Bait Footwear

Monthly Etsy Favorites

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 No comments
Hey friends! If you're like me, you spend hours upon hours searching Etsy for the best vintage finds. I have a ton of stuff saved into my favorites to put into my cart one day. I'm gonna add affordable vintage finds and beautiful pieces that I wish I could own. These are gonna be in my size which is large to extra large but if you're on the smaller side, you'll be able to find vintage for more affordable. Unfortunately larger sized vintage is harder to come by for cheap. I think I'll probably do a post on my favorite reproduction vintage as well because my closet is half and half currently.

These vintage cat eye glasses from His and Her Vintage are so cute but are about $350 which isn't crazy for eyewear but definitely out of my price range.

Made in the west

Sunday, May 5, 2019 1 comment
It's my last week of school and I'm gonna try to be adding more outfit posts to here along with some other posts. I went to Knott's today with Daniel and my roommates. We have season passes and the meal plan so we'll usually go to eat and go on one or two rides. I'm not a big fan of coasters so I usually just go to eat, shop, and take photos. I got this tee from Kaeraz, and it's literally so comfy and soft. I love that it has California's state flower on it too! They have so many cute tees so I'm definitely going to get some more.

As you know, I just dyed my hair and I was really excited to set it in my usual vintage curls but I helped Daniel with his school prom (he's a teacher) so we got home late and it was either eat In N Out at midnight or curl my hair, I chose the animal fries haha.

Outfit Details

Tee - Kaeraz
Scarf - Sidecca (purchased from Dapper Day expo, they might have some in the actual store)

How I got my hair platinum blond!

Hey everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed my hair has gotten a lot blonder! I've been trying to get my hair this blonde for about six months or so and I'm finally here. Some people have asked how I got to this color and I thought I would make a post about it.

This color is not something that can be done overnight and you can seriously damage your hair if you try. With that said I am not a professional and I did most of this myself, the first two full head bleaches were done by a professional but the rest I did myself. This is what worked for my hair and it may not work for your hair. Bleach is a very dangerous chemical and you can seriously damage your hair if you try to go to this color overnight. I will include links to everything I use so you can purchase these if you like.