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Friday, April 19, 2019
Hey everyone! I get a lot of questions on how I find true crime books or what are my favorites so I thought I would compile a small list with a short synopsis on each book. The topics in these books might be sensitive for some people so I will be putting a trigger warning on what topics are being discussed. If you're just here for cute clothes, feel free to scroll past these posts. I also get a lot of questions on why I read true crime and find it so interesting. I am not glorifying these crimes by any means and my heart goes out for all the victims and their friends and families that have been affected by this. While I do find it interesting that people like this exist, I also think it's important to bring up mental health and how certain people slip through the cracks of the justice system. I also think it's important to educate yourself and keep yourself safe from harm. If you have any true crime recommendations, please let me know! I'm always down to read more.

I use a website called Good Reads (my profile is on the sidebar if you want to add me!) and it's really great because you can review books, rate them, make lists of books you want to read, and see what your friends are reading! I'm going to link all the books to their Good Reads review so you can see if it's something you want to read. I also find all my books at my school's library or the public library where I work. I rarely buy books unless it's one of my favorites.

The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir (This book contains a subject matter of molestation of young children)

So I just finished this book a couple days ago and it was good. It's a combination of a true crime story with a memoir, which is something I've never read before but it was super interesting. It starts off with the story of a man named Rickey Langly who was convicted of child molestation and killing a young boy. The author of this book is a lawyer who gets a job working on this case. The memoir part comes in when she discusses her childhood and how she was molested by her grandfather when she was young. It's sad but beautifully well written and she gets a happy ending so I like to think it ends positively.

If I Can't Have You: Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance, and the Murder of Her Children (This book contains themes of marital disputes, comments of a sexual nature, and death of children)

So you know the phrase "the husband did it", this book definitely fits the bill. This is about a young wife named Susan who goes missing but the husband is very suspicious and doesn't show any emotion when she's nowhere to be found. We find out that the husband was controlling and emotionally abusive to her and her two young boys. This case never made it to court and they never found her body but I won't spoil the ending for you but I will say this story involves a very creepy father-in-law who was obsessed with Susan.

A Twisted Faith: A Minister's Obsession and the Murder That Destroyed a Church (This book contains the death of a spouse and religious themes)

Okay this story is so wild and there are so many people involved so I'm gonna try to keep my synopsis short. Basically, it's about a youth pastor named Nick and his house goes up in flames while his wife Dawn is inside. Nick is devastated but we find out that her lungs did not contain any smoke. We find out later that Nick was carrying on with multiple women in the church before and after his wife's death.

Columbine (This book contains graphic information about the Columbine shooting and school shooters in general)

So I remember Columbine happening but I was very young and didn't understand what happened. This book is an amazing insight into what really happened and who was Dylan and Eric. There is a lot of speculation on what kind of people they were and who they really intended to kill. It's pretty graphic but very interesting. Dylan's mother wrote a book as well and it is one of the most heartbreaking but beautiful books I've ever read.

The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple (This book talks about cults, religion, sex, and mass suicide)

If you ever wanted to learn all about the famous cult of Jonestown and Jim Jones and how it all started, this is the book for you. It goes into his childhood and how he started as an activist and how Jonestown didn't start out as a bad thing.

The Stranger She Loved: A Mormon Doctor, His Beautiful Wife, and an Almost Perfect Murder (This book contains the death of a spouse, affairs, and religion)

This is about a doctor who convinces his wife to get a facelift and she ends up dying weeks later. The death appears to be of a natural cause but we find out about the husbands criminal record and fake college transcripts he used to get into medical school. He also has a "nanny" move in to help with the children, but we find out that he's been having an affair the entire time. I enjoy this book because it's the daughter that decides to look more into and get the police involved in her mother's death.

The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer (This book contains graphic details of various serial killers acts and themes of a sexual nature)

This book starts off as a college students research project about serial killers and ends up escalating into something deeper. The author Jason decides to write letters to different serial killers and find out more about them and their crimes. Some write back and some don't but John Wayne Gacy ends up writing him back and they talk for a while. Jason pretends to be interested in him so he'll be willing to tell him more interesting things about himself. It's pretty graphic and pretty scary at times because he ends up meeting Gacy. Unfortunately, this author committed suicide because of mental health issues but I think this book had a lot to do with it.

Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three (This book contains themes of young children being killed, satanic cults, and religion)

If you've never heard of this true crime story and end up reading the book, I would also recommend the documentaries about it as well. In Memphis, three 8-year-old boys were killed in the forest near their home. The police went after three teenagers who seemed suspicious and blamed them and told the public they were in a satanic cult. This is a very devastating story about the wrongly accused but it is so well written.

Of course I have way more books that I enjoy other then these, but I couldn't include all of them. I hope you enjoyed my list. Happy reading!!

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