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Monday, October 29, 2018
Hey everyone! I have a very exciting post for today! Steady Clothing sent me some clothes to Disneybound with! Just in time for Dapper Day this weekend at Disneyland! It was a bit of a challenge because there were so many options to choose from and I also wanted to keep it simple so that way if you wanted, you could put something like this together as well. 

For my first outfit I decided to Disneybound as Jessie from Toy Story. She's one of my favorite to Disneybound. This shirt from Steady Clothing is so comfy and I love the neckline, I can't wait to wear it with other casual outfits. I also will hoard anything mustard. I thought the yellow was a good way to represent her plaid western shirt. Then of course this skirt is perfect because it has the western trim on it to represent her denim. It's also so comfy and stretchy unlike a lot of wiggle skirts. I also added these cow print socks for her cow print chaps she wears. 

Top // Sophia Top
Skirt // Yoked Up Skirt
Hat // Amazon
Socks // Similar
Boots // Vintage 

For my second outfit, I decided to Disneybound as Wheezy from Toy Story. He's one of my favorite underrated characters. I love this black circle skirt with the buttons, it's so comfortable and it stretches. You can't see very well, but the white blouse is this really pretty lace on top and also very comfortable. He has a very easy color pallet that's easy to work with and add your own twist on it. It's just black, white and red for his bow tie. 

Shoes // Amazon
Hair Scarf // Vintage 

I hope you guys enjoyed my Toy Story Disneybounds using Steady Clothing, it was so much fun to come up with these outfits! 

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