Pleasure Island

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love Disneybounding and do it quite often. If you're new to the idea it's basically when you dress up as a Disney character in your own clothing by use of color blocking and accessories! If you want a more in depth post on one, I can make one. I probably won't be Disneybounding as much because of my pass expiring but I can always post my old ones if people are interested. 

Anyway it was my best friend Kim's birthday and she wanted to do a Pinocchio themed Disneybound. I went as Lampwick, who is Pinocchio's sidekick. I wanted to do something kinda 1940's inspired and he wears pants so I thought it would be good to go with pants too. Also the whole outfit is basically from Amazon, which is amazing. 

Hat // Etsy
Flowers // DIY 
Brooch // Jolly Hollieday (use FANTASMIC15 for $$ off!)
Earrings // Bows and Crossbones
Cardigan // Doll Me Up
Blouse // Amazon
Pants // Amazon
Shoes // Forever 21 years ago 

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