Orange + Black

Hey friends! I'm currently doing the 31 days of Halloween challenge. If you don't know what this is, it's basically when you dress Halloween or Fall every day of October. I'm giving myself a break on the weekends, but it's such a fun challenge to put outfits together. Especially because I wear a ton of pink and light colors and don't own a lot of orange and black. I have way more Halloween themed clothing then I thought!

I spent the day at Disneyland with my friend Haley after class. My pass expires at the end of this week so I'm trying my best to get all the outfits I can in before Saturday. 

I wear these overalls all the time and they're honestly my favorite! I love the sweetheart neckline and how they're actually high waisted. It's so hard to find overalls that aren't baggy and low waisted. I got them from the big Collectif sale they have twice a year and I'm so glad because they go with every thing. I also LOVE this top from Vixen by Micheline Pitt, it's so comfortable and i'm trying to wear it with different outfits before October ends. I only own two items from her, but I want to purchase more because they're so well made and comfy. Okay and last but not least, these EARS. I actually don't wear ears to the park too often but I had to have these ones. They're so festive and iridescent and I got so many compliments. I recieved these ears from Maus Couture and they're so light and not heavy at all, they're perfect for running around the park in. She also has so many cute Halloween and Fall designs right now so you should go check her out!

Ears // Maus Couture
Earrings + D brooch // Perfectly Pinupgram (use SPOOKY for free shipping!)
Oogie Boogie pin // Magical Thunder Press (use ALYSSA15 for $$ off) 

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