Leggings?! Who is she?!

Today was a very chill Saturday. Daniel and I planned to go on this grand adventure but Daniel didn't feel well, so we decided to stay home and watch Hilda instead (if you like animation and have Netflix, you should check it out!).  This is one of my more casual outfits but I'm going to try to do more outfit posts that cater to everyone!

Joanie Clothing sent me this top and I love it so much. It's great to dress up or down and perfect for spooky season. This is actually the only pair of leggings I own and they have a zipper so they're basically pants and the most comfortable. I was actually wearing something fancier but it was a pencil skirt and Daniel and I ate lots of Italian food, so I had to wear something comfier. A couple years ago when I started getting into dressing vintage, I just wore uncomfortable things and dealt with it. Now I'm learning you can still pull off the vintage look and be comfortable, who knew?

Beret // Amazon
Blouse // C/o of Joanie Clothing
Leggings + Boots // Forever 21 years ago
Socks // Similar

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