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Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Hey everyone!

So very recently I just started the process of adding more vintage pieces into my wardrobe. It took me a while because vintage clothes can be very pricey and sometimes they just don't have things in my size. Lately though, I've been finding some really good pieces and I wanted to share how I go about finding them.

If you're new to dressing vintage, vintage reproduction is also great! It's very size inclusive, affordable, and easy to find! I can always do a post on my favorite places to buy reproduction vintage.

There is no right or wrong way to dress vintage, I often mix modern with my vintage and it gives the same look. That's why I love expressing myself through clothes so much, it's unique to you and you do what makes you happy.

So I do a lot of my online shopping/browsing on Etsy. It can be very overwhelming if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. It's all about what you type in! If it's too broad, you'll get about 1,000 search results and that can seem like a lot if you're just starting. You also want to make sure you click the vintage option (unless you're looking for vintage reproduction!) and you can also put a price limit to make sure you don't go over budget (more on price later).

Here are some of my favorite key words to type in:

- 1950's gingham/skirt dress (also type in a color if you want to get super specific)
- 1940's floral dress/skirt
- 1950's novelty skirt/dress
- "any color" western skirt/dress
- 1950 floral circle skirt/dress

You also don't have to type in the year, a lot of times things made in the 1950s are more expensive. It's also easy to find 1970s or 1980's pieces that also look the part. If you're not sure where to start you can click here for some of my favorite items on Etsy.

These are two outfits that include vintage + modern pieces but it still looks the part. 

For the orange dress I just typed "vintage orange plaid dress" and this one came up. It's actually from the 1960's so I added the socks to complete the look. It also has an elastic waist, which I LOVE, and I just put a belt on it to hide it. 

Scarf // Sidecca
Socks // Amazon
Shoes // Forever 21 years ago 

The purple one was a bit harder to find because the search was so broad. But I believed I typed in "1950 purple dress", "1950 purple sundress", "purple vintage sundress". I love this one because of the lace detailing at the top. It's also very comfortable to wear. 

Dress //  Ms. Tips
Hat // Playclothes Vintage in Burbank
Shoes // Chase and Chloe
Hair flowers // DIY 

I know it can be very overwhelming at first, especially with how expensive some things can be. I learned a lot of Etsy stores offer split payment on the pricer items so if you see a dress or skirt you just have to have, you can always do that. That's how I've been able to afford my more expensive items. Some people I know have amazing luck with Ebay, but I don't really find much vintage on there but you should definitely give it a shot. I hope these tips helped you and if I think of more, I'll add them! If anyone has some tips for me, let me know! 

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