Magic Suit

Monday, August 5, 2019 No comments
Hey everyone!! In my last post, I was saying how I was having a hard time getting my life together after vacation but today I was really productive and cleaned my room, found lots of clothes to donate, & even had time to eat some cheesecake haha. I've been buying school supplies since I start classes at the beginning of September and that's literally my favorite part of starting school. If anyone is interested, I can do a post on the cute notebooks + folders I got cause they're really cute.

I'm excited about this outfit because I've been loving NooWorks for a while and when I went to Seattle, I found a vintage store that was selling their clothes so I splurged and got their magic suit!! It's literally so comfy and so stretchy. I got an extra-large but I probably could have sized down and gotten large cause it was a bit big but I threw it in the dryer and it was all good. I wore this on my 5 am a flight back home and it was perfect cause I was asleep for both plane rides + nothing is worse than falling asleep in uncomfortable clothes.

Before I get into the outfit post I wanted to talk really quick about these earrings from Gabby Zapata. She's an amazing artist (I have so many prints of hers in my room) and she's just started to make earrings and accessories! They're acrylic and so light and well made! I would definitely check out her shop! Okay enough talking, here is the magic suit!!

Jumpsuit - NooWorks
Shoes - BAIT Footwear
Earrings - Gabby Zapata (sold out currently)

Magic in her heart, flowers in her hair

Sunday, August 4, 2019 No comments
Hey everyone!! I'm finally back from Seattle and barely functioning. I'm still having a hard time getting my life back togther after doing nothing for a week. I had the best time in Seattle and tried my best to blog most of my trip but a lot of the time I didn't want to be on my phone constantly and just enjoy my vacation with Daniel. If you are interested in photos from my trip, I put a bunch on my Instagram story @littlefantasmic.

Tee - Kaeraz (use FANTASMIC for $$ off!)
Capris - Micheline Pitt
Glasses - Leoptique

Gingham in Seattle

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 1 comment
Hey friends!! I'm super excited cause I'm currently in Seattle! Today was me and Daniel's first full day here and we did a ton! He is currently napping because we've been on our feet since 9:00 am! If you aren't following me on Instagram (littlefantasmic), you should because that's where I will be posting a lot of my travel photos. 

These photos are from my Instagram and I used an app called Storyluxe to edit my photos! The first one was taken at the Gum Wall which is located in Post Alley. I think it's pretty gross but also really impressive, the lighting was so bad when I went so I edit them a ton to get them the way I wanted. The second photo is taken at Post Alley and the Public Market which are super close to each other, they have tons of food and shops. I basically wanted to eat everything. The third one was taken at the Seattle Aquariam outside and it such an amazing view of the skyline! The last photo and probably my favorite, was taken at Biscuit Bitch and it's this amazing southern bisuit place and of course I love the name.

Okay on to my outfit for the day!

Skirt - Vixen Swing Skirt (she's currently doing an end of summer sale! use code ENDOFSUM
Top - Sheinside
Earrings - Vintage

Cherry Bomb

Sunday, July 14, 2019 1 comment
Hey friends!! I wanted to do a quick and casual outfit post! Daniel and were headed for a barbeque and a game night with some friends, so this is my version of a casual outfit. I think I've mentioned this earlier, but I'm obsessed with tees this summer and pairing them with my favorite capri pants from Micheline Pitt. They're so comfy and they're not really capri pants on me but I love them just the same.

Glasses - Eye Buy Direct
Tee - Kaeraz (use FANTASMIC for $$ off!)
Earrings - Vinca Jewelry
Pants - Micheline Pitt
Shoes - Modcloth

Fiercely Female

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 No comments
Hey y'all!! I've been trying to add more tees to my wardrobe because Summer is here and I just need more casual outfits I can throw on and not worry about. Moxie & Row sent me the cutest and comfiest tee and I feel like it goes really well with one of my favorite holy grail skirts from Micheline Pitt.

Tee - C/o Moxie & Row
Earrings - Vintage
Bangles - Pink ones are vintage. Mint is from Ali Express
Glasses - Wherelight
Shoes - BAIT Footwear